MealCam's Privacy Policy

MealCam is about providing you with a tool in exchange for money. It's *not* about harvesting your data to sell/use for external parties.

To store your data as securely as possible, MealCam uses Apple's CloudKit which is maintained by their engineers.

CloudKit has rigorous privacy features built in, such as restricting developers from viewing users' private databases and using anonymized user ids.

The philosophy with MealCam is that the data is primarily for your personal consumption and that sharing, if any, is only done on your terms and is optional.

Keep in mind, if someone has enough resources it is possible they could hack into data, however, it is probably not cost effective for them to do so for an app like MealCam which does not store any financial data or other easily monetized data.

Can the developer see what I eat?

No, MealCam stores your meals in your private iCloud database which means that, assuming Apple's servers remain secure and Apple's policies prevent them from seeing your data, you are the only one who can see them.

Apple does not give developers who use CloudKit access to users' private databases.

To learn more about how CloudKit works, and what it's like from the perspective of a developer, you can read about it at:

If you don't want to use iCloud, you can choose to store your meals 'On Device' which means that they will never be uploaded to the internet.

Of course, if you *want to share*, for example with a doctor or nutrition coach, you can use the meal summary feature to generate an image that you can then send via email etc.

Can the developer identify me by name or email?

In the current version, no. CloudKit provides MealCam with a random generated identifier for each user, as necessary, that is unique to the app.

The developer has the option to ask you for your iCloud name and email by presenting you with a dialog, however, so far, hasn't had a reason to.

If MealCam does find a reason to, it will only work with your authorization and it will present you with a dialogue why.

As an obvious exception, if you send feedback using email, it will expose your address and name like any other email. If you want to remain anonymous, you can use a temporary email account and not sign your name.

Does the developer track my moves with analytics?

MealCam has no additional analytics to what Apple already provides to its developers.

So moves you make within the app, such as Meals you tap on, are *not* recorded.

However, the app does include the default analytics provided by Apple to developers. (aggregated information such as app opens, user retention, daily activity users, etc)

So if you opted into developer analytics, you will be a part of the non-personally-identifiable reports.

If you have opted out of Apple's developer analytics you are not included in the reports.

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This was last updated on April 7th, 2019 for Version 1.2 of MealCam and may change as new versions are released.